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What to expect in your Harvest Share Food Boxes

 We have access to a wide variety of Ontario grown produce found in the Holland Marsh.  We also partner with other Ontario farmers in the province ensuring we get the best produce - from the best farmers for our program.

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Regularly Included Produce during the Season

Lettuce – Romaine, Head, Boston, Red Leaf, Green Leaf
Peppers – Green, Red, Orange, Yellow
Cucumbers – Field, English
Tomatoes – Field, Beefsteak, Roma, Cherry, Multi-Colour
Carrots – Bunched, Orange, Heirloom (Multi-Colour)
Onions – Green Onions, Bunched, Red, Yellow
Peas – Regular, Sugar, Snap
Beans – Green, Yellow
Zucchini – Green, Yellow
Potatoes – White, Red, Yukon, Russet, RedGold, Fingerling
Beets – Golden, Red, Candy-Cane
Cabbage – Red, Green, Savoy, Pointed
Squash – Butternut, Spaghetti, Acorn
Apples - Macintosh, Gala, Empire, Crispin, HoneyCrisp etc.
Broccoli     Cauliflower     Leeks     Spinach     Mushrooms     Strawberries
Raspberries      Blueberries     Peaches     Pears     Plums
Garlic & Other Fresh Herbs

Occasionally Included Produce during the Season

Corn – Sweet, Peaches N’ Cream        Swiss Chard – Green, Red
Artichokes     Asparagus     Tomatillos     Radishes     Parsnips
Rutabaga     Purple Top Turnips     Celery Root     Sweet Potatoes
Cranberries     Kale     Eggplant     Watermelon     Cherries   Cantaloupe     Cherries     Blue Grapes (Coronation)     Pie Pumpkin     Brussels Sprouts

Garlic Scapes (the leaves of garlic – used like a fresh herb)

Anything that could be considered a “new” type of produce to your home we generally gear the weekly recipe to that item to help you learn how to cook with it.  If you ever have questions on how to cook or store your produce just contact us and we are more than happy to help in any way we can.


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