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Sustainable Farming

Locally grown produce is good for you, your family, and our environment

To grow the world’s freshest, most flavourful, and nutritious produce we all enjoy demands an in-depth knowledge of and respect for the land and its ecosystems.  

By utilizing our forefathers’ knowledge and traditional farming methods combined with modern, renewable agricultural and environmentally aware practices and technology, we strive to protect our environment and be a bastion of conservation within Ontario’s farming community.

Sustainable Farming

Ontario’s consumers and retail grocers want natural, healthy produce, grown locally and with minimal impact on our environment. So do we. That’s why we employ a broad range of environmentally friendly farming practices, including:

  • Putting an emphasis on water and hydro conservation in all of our farming operations

  • Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels used by our farm vehicles as much as possible

  • Regular plant and soil analysis to ensure our produce and the soil we rely on to grow fruits and vegetables are healthy

  • Using natural cover crops on our farm

  • Supporting local and regional farmer’s markets and independent grocers 

  • Replenishing our farm’s soil through composting and ensuring there’s a nutrient-rich mix of minerals, water, air, and organic matter

  • Regularly rotating our crops and employing conservation tillage to reduce soil erosion

  • Educating consumers on the health benefits associated with eating produce grown in Ontario – excited to be association with the half of your plate

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5th Generation Assessing Seedlings
Getting Onions Ready for Harvest
Fall Garlic Planting
2017 - New Carron Farms Delivery Truck
Checking Plants at Carron Farms
Conservation Authority - Tree Planting
CPMA- Half Your Plate
Harvest Share Box Contents
Harvest Share Boxes Ready for Delivery
Heirloom Carrots
Retail Display of Carron Farms Products
Row-tilling in Holland Marsh
Solar Power

We’ve been growing fresh food in the Holland Marsh since 1934. We invite you to learn about our history.