Farm fresh Ontario produce delivered on time and in full to commercial grocers, national chains, and food service and export markets.

Carron Farms is experienced in delivering high-quality, food safety certified, farm-fresh produce to commercial grocers and national chain grocery stores across Ontario, Quebec, and the eastern United States.

By cultivating a mutually beneficial producer-retailer relationship, and through our on-site, state-of-the-art climate-controlled and food safety certified storage and packaging facilities in the Holland Marsh, we can adhere to your company’s grades and standards.

We have the capability to meet retail grocers’ needs, quality and supplier standards, and social, safety, and environmental compliance requirements. 

With our decades of farming experience, our stellar reputation for providing delicious, high-quality fruits and vegetables, and through our modern, renewable agricultural and environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices, Carron Farms can adequately supply your store or chain with the fresh produce your customers expect.

If your independent store, franchise, or national chain is seeking a reliable produce supplier.