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Our History

Learn about our proud farming heritage and our exciting future

Established in 1934 by the Verkaik family in the Holland Marsh, Carron Farms is a 300-acre produce farm that grows a wide variety of vegetables and fruit. However, the Verkaik family’s farming heritage stretches as far back as the 1920s when Carron Farms’ owner, president, and head farmer Jason Verkaik’s great grandfather emigrated from the Netherlands to Chatham-Kent, Ontario, to establish his first farm.

In 1934, the elder Verkaik’s offspring – Jacob, Harry, and Peter – moved to the Holland Marsh to found the Verkaik Brothers Farm. By 1964 the farm had grown significantly and was subsequently divided by into three as the brothers continued to work alongside one another to produce high-quality fresh produce. It was during this time that Jacob Verkaik renamed his farm Carron Farms by combining the letters of the farm’s two prominent vegetables – carrots and onions.

When Jacob passed away in the mid-1970s, his sons Doug and Jack took over the responsibility of running Carron Farms. 

As the farm and the produce it provided continued to grow, Doug and Jack Verkaik developed a state-of-the-art onion curing and storage facility, as well as a carrot storing and packaging facility. These innovations helped to extend the shelf life of the produce they grew, and expand their customers beyond the Holland Marsh.

Carron Farms - Then and Now!

Where Modern Agriculture and Traditional Farming Meet

Today, Carron Farms supplies Ontario’s families, retail grocers, food service, and export markets with a broad range of rich, delicious, healthful fruits and vegetables. 

By committing to sustainable farming best practices, food safety certifications, the use of modern technologies, and maintaining a close relationship with consumers, Jason represents the fourth generation of the Verkaik family to feed Ontario.

Working closely with seed companies, Carron Farms carefully selects varieties of seeds best suited to our fertile organic soils to grow some of Ontario’s finest produce. Through rigourous produce and soil monitoring processes, we ensure the quality and safety of the foods we grow, pack, and ship, and the sustainability of our farmland remains the world’s best.

Additionally, with our on-site, state-of-the-art climate-controlled storage and food safety-certified packaging facilities, we can grow, package, and ship our high-quality produce to Ontario’s families, retail grocers, and food service and export markets in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

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